Popeyes Customer Satisfaction Suvey

www.tellpopeyes.com is a website that you can visit to take the survey from Popeyes. If you previously visited this restaurant, maybe you can visit the website to provide reviews. If there is a thing that makes you unhappy, you can tell it to them. This website is a kind of communication tool intended between customers with Popeyes company. If you are taking survey and submitting complaints, it is a matter of their evaluation to improve service.

For those of you who often come to Popeyes, of course feel the service. If there’s something a bit unkind, you’ll probably feel it soon. They need data on complaints and their customer satisfaction indices. By taking the survey at www.tellpopeyes.com, we tell them about things to be addressed. With surveys and get lots of votes, Popeyes will consider what customers really want.

Guide to Taking Survey at www.tellpopeyes.com

When you decided to take a survey at www.tellpopeyes.com, then there are things you should prepare. The most important thing to be prepared is the online tools. Why is that? Because this survey is done online on the internet. You can use your laptop, tablet or even your phone. Make sure the device your device is connected online to the internet. In addition, another vital thing that you must prepare is the browser installed in the device. Here are the steps to do the survey:


  1. Please visit www.tellpopeyes.com using your web browser to survey.
  2. Choose the preferred language you want.
  3. Select some required information, some of which are: time of visit, date of visit, restaurant number and total of your spend.
  4. Click “start” to begin the survey.
  5. Please answer all questions honestly. Complete your experience story while visiting Popeyes.
  6. Do not forget to input your contacts clearly. This is required for Popoyes to contact you if you are a lucky winner.

A Little About Popeyes

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen or often called Popeyes is a multinational fast food restaurant. The company was first established in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1972. This restaurant is so fast growing, even now it has about 2600 branches in 30 countries in the world. Many people choose to enjoy the dish at Popeyes, because the menu is so tempting and too bad to miss.

If you want to recommend a new menu or a good variety of things to Popeyes, you can fill in the criticics and suggestions. At www.tellpopeyes.com alone, you can tell about your experience of visiting Popeyes. That way, they can know whether you feel satisfied or not with the service they provide.

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