American Sailing Association (ASA) for Sailor Needs

American sailing association (ASA) is one of the largest seafarers organization in America, even in the world. This organization has had more than one million sailor who studying there and become proficient. American sailing association was founded by Lenny Shabes, a television producer in 1983. For now ASA affiliated with more than 300 schools. The techniques of ASA is very effective and accepted as strandard in maritime world. Lots of books was published by ASA pertaining to sailing.

As mentioned above, ASA is affiliated with more than 300 sailing schools. Nowadays, the certificate that issued by ASA can be accepted worldwide. So, if you are studying in ASA affiliated schools, please don’t worry whether your certificate would rejected. All standard of education, engineering, learning and many more has the best level of quality. That is why, ASA has always been a reference for being a reliable sailors.

American Sailing Association Product

This organization has many product that always used in sailing world. Some of these products are books, smartphone application, magazine, education video and many more. American Sailing Association is also promote the application that called as “go sailing”. You can using this application to connect with any sailor around the world. So, you can get the newest update of sailing wold.

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ASA can be a reference for those of you who want to learn more about sailing world. Educational standards can be used as a guide for sailors anywhere, because these standards have been tested around the world.

ASA Certification

ASA certificates to those who have some training with ASA. You can become more proficient and your techniques in sailing will be evaluated. Certificates issued by the ASA in various kinds. You can take a certification program to suit your specific interests. In the process of certification, the instructor can add a variety of additional requirements. This is useful, so that each certified sailor capable of adapting to local waters.

Some certification program that you can take are basic coastal cruising, coastal navigation, basic keelboat sailing, bareboat cruising, basic small boat sailing, advanced coastal cruising, docking endorsement, basic celestial endorsement, cruising catamaran, radar endorsement, marine weather endorsement and trailerable multihull standard.

ASA Mission

American Sailing Association has a mission that is very good for the sailing world. ASA wants to contribute to teach seamanship to every person who wants to be capable sailor. By applying high and credible standards, ASA wants every sailor could sail safely and confidently. The mission has been achieved, because many of the sailors who studied at ASA. Be grateful, the are many credible sailors in this world caused by ASA.


ASA is the best place to sailing study, for beginners and advanced. The system has been tested to a high standard, will make each student able to become a reliable sailor. To study with ASA, you can do very easy thing, because you can find more than 300 ASA affiliated schools. I think there’s no better place to study sailing in United States, even in the world, but American Sailing Association.

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